About FactPipe

FactPipe.com gauges the accuracy of internet and media content.

The Internet has changed the way in which we view and react to information. Fake news and alternative facts have become the norm. FactPipe provides the solution by providing an easy to use interactive way of gauging reliability and accuracy of internet content.

Looking at the evolution of the Web, we have identified the following stages:

  • 1Web 1.0: Content. [Static Data, Read-only]
  • 2Web 2.0: Context. [Social Networking, Advanced API]
  • 3Web 3.0: Cohesion. [Comp. to Comp., Semantic Web]
In our opinion the key component missing and too often overlooked is:
  • 4Correctness. [Validity, Accuracy, Truth]

One of the most fundamental axioms of information communication is, "Garbage In, Garbage Out". Without sifting information obtained via the Web our conclusions can be misguided or, simply put, garbage. We present a solution to the problem. FactPipe.com provides a method for rating the accuracy of content. Our TrustScore™ allows you to easily gauge the trustworthiness of internet sites and content.

What is FactPipe?

FactPipe is the source for internet and media content accuracy.

Wherever this slider appears input how credible and reliable you believe an item in its entirety to be.

Less credible=lower score.
More credible=higher score.

Depending on user level and other factors the numbers are run though our algorithms to produce a reliability score, or ReliaScore™. This score is tagged to articles, tweets, sites, comments, authors and users to provide a more accurate way of viewing the internet.

How It Works

In order to achieve this accuracy we rely on the collective wisdom of you, our users. By voting on the truth of an item you allow us to derive a relative truth valuation: T-Score™. Our proprietary T-Score algorithm is based on your scoring, user level and other factors. We do not bias the results in any manner but rather present a score which we believe best represents the collective intelligence of our user base. The T-Score ranges from 0 to 10, zero representing absolute impossibility and 10 representing mathematical or metaphysical certainty.

By viewing the score attached to each item, we come much closer to the overall truth and accuracy of the content.

  • Example:
  • "Bigfoot seen flying Martian UFO" = low T-Score
  • "Snow fell in Vail, CO. this Winter" = high T-Score

Our simple to use widget allows you to record your rating for a specific article or item. Once a minimum amount of ratings are met, the highest scoring, lowest scoring and items receiving the most ratings will then be displayed on our website, by category, with their T-Scores.

FactPipe.com is privately held and not affiliated with any political party, religion, ideology or multinational corporation.

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